não sei porquê... mas isto não me soa lá muito bem... vá-se lá perceber...!

"To that end, here are four measures to which I'm committed:
1 -- Never give up on a student, no matter how hopeless he seems. Accepting a young person's criminal destiny can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.
2 -- Never stop preaching the value of hard work and integrity, no matter how foolish and naïve that feels. If a young person finally hears those messages then the thousand times before that he rejected them won't matter.
3 -- Figure out ways to show the most at-risk students that someone cares about them. Self-respect is the nucleus of morality and self-respect can be instigated by the knowledge that we matter to someone somewhere.
4 -- Encourage all students to question authority; and teach them how to select the appropriate time and manner."


depois, as nossas escolas são repositórios de infantilização social dos futuros cidadãos como por cá acontece...?

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