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"18. New models for higher education: collaborative learning and content creation

Without fundamental reform, universities will not be able to compete with cheaper and more effective online education providers. While many young people are still going to university, a growing portion of the best and the brightest students have given up attending classes, because the information is available in a more easily ingested form online. 

Universities must shift their business model from the centuries-old notion that a professor lectures students, to a more collaborative, interactive model. Instead of being the "sage on the stage," teachers should be the co-pilot for students as they explore and collaborate online to acquire knowledge. 

We also need an entirely new modus operandi for how the content of higher education -- the subject matter, course materials, texts, written and spoken word and other media -- is created. Rather than the old textbook publishing model, which is both slow and expensive for users, universities professors and other participants can contribute to an open platform of world-class educational resources that students everywhere can access throughout their lifetime.

How can leaders create a Global Network for Higher Learning? If universities open up and embrace collaborative learning and collaborative knowledge production, they have a chance of surviving and even thriving in the networked, global economy."

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