inteligências múltiplas... howard gardner... uma [primeira] parte de uma entrevista...!

"ML: In 2013, your famed theory of multiple intelligences will be 30 years old. When you originally proposed it in your 1983 book, Frames of Mind, did you have any idea that it would revolutionize the way that the world viewed intelligence? Were you surprised by the negative reaction that you received from the psychology community?

HG: I had no idea that the book would contribute significantly to a widespread change of mind about the nature of human intelligence. 'Til 1983, I wrote primarily for other psychologists and expected that they would be the principal audience for my book. I was surprised as anyone that the book was soon picked up by educators, first in the United States, and then in many other countries around the world. As Andy Warhol would have put it, Frames of Mind catalyzed my 15 minutes of fame! 

As for the reaction of my colleagues in psychology, I'd say that the reaction ranged from mild enthusiasm (mostly from developmental and educational psychologists) to ignoring (by mainstream psychologists) to condemnation (by psychometricians -- the technicians who make the tests and who feel that they "own" intelligence)."


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