dinheiros públicos... lucros privados ...na educação... como se a coisa [por cá] não tivesse já passado pelo pte... milhões à solta e a escola pública de 'rastos'...!

"The list of those playing school appears to be endless.  The profiteers and lobbyists are racing to the top of a mountain of public dollars while both political parties cheer them on while gleefully taking their contributions.  Although research has clearly sounded the alarm on the substantially lower rates of virtual schools that meet Adequate Yearly Progress, the Department of Education has no problem listing them as ‘efficiency alternatives.’ And in that listing, the true colors show.  For how can any politician gnash his teeth and wring his hands about so-called ineffective teachers while giving free reign and funds to the profiteers who play school with taxpayer dollars without accountability or evidence that what they are doing works? 

What will become of the children who are ensnared by false promises?

How will the cyber teacher engage our children in thoughtful discussions, motivate them with a smile, respond to their confusion, be their advocate when they are bullied?

Will the PowerPoint presenter on YouTube realize the bleary-eyed child in front of the screen  had no breakfast? Will he know if he is there at all?

Who in cyberspace will dig into her pocket and buy the winter coat for the young woman who does not have one, the way my teachers do?"


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