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Chomsky sobre UE: «política económica dos dirigentes: suicídio e fracasso intencional...»

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---Description ---

Bubble TV sit down with Noam Chomsky after receiving his honorary degree to hear his views on Scottish independence, the global financial crisis, the British monarchy, language and Syria.

--- Questions & Time Links ---

00:40 What are your views on Scottish independence?
02:03 What are your views on the Queen & Diamond Jubilee?
03:29 How are you influenced by faith?
05:02 How have the next generation affected language by texting and tweeting?
06:57 What advice would you give to a graduating student?
07:51 What achievement are you most proud of?
08:20 Who is a fair mediator over the Israeli - Palestine debate?
12:10 Why have you never combined your work on linguistics and politics?
13:19 What are your views on the global financial crisis?
25:27 How should Western governments respond to the Syrian situation?
30:00 Can the media remain truly impartial?