rácios professores - alunos, turmas grandes, pequenas, médias... questões 'bicudas'...? claro... mas uma única medida é inviável... se não for pedagógica e socialmente relevante...!

"To a certain extent, I am merely playing devil's advocate here. There are definite, inarguable advantages to having smaller class sizes, and those arguments have been widely voiced and fiercely defended. While we strive to serve students with more personal attention and a comfortable learning atmosphere, it is important to recognize that not everyone learns optimally in the same way. Some subjects may be more effectively taught in a larger setting. Certain skill sets can only be strengthened by being introduced to a variety of social environments. Nothing is black and white. It is essential that we keep our minds open and consider the good that can come out of larger class sizes, rather than merely writing it off as a categorically substandard and inferior way of serving the children for whom we care so much."


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