as artes e expressões artísticas fazem falta no currículo escolar... à revelia do que parece ser o 'modus operandi' do novo mec 'crático'... ou não será...?

"Hoffmann Davis addresses the larger and most critical issues for public education reformers with regard to the arts, including inviting us to consider why we educate children in the first place, and the consequences to our society if we don't do a good job of it. To make the point, Hoffmann Davis highlights the current advocacy trend focusing on (disputable) evidence that the arts increase students' standardized test scores:
Arts education has been pushed so far to the margins that desperate advocates have fought for a place at the head of the table by arguing that arts learning even helps to increase student performance on standardized tests... These considerations, so extraneous and removed from the powerful learning that the arts provide, are a symptom of the time."


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